After School Practice Schedule

After School Practice Schedule begins Monday, Aug. 25.  Be sure to note the days and times.  While this is our standard schedule, please note that it is subject to change so check with your student as well.

  • Monday afternoons — Drums/ Pit Only    3:15-5:30
  • Tuesday & Wednesday  -  FULL BAND      3:15-5:30
  • Thursday - FULL BAND                            3:15-5:45

First Home Football Game

Friday August 29 is our first home football game and the band will march at half-time.   

  • Arrival time:    Students should be at the school ready to warm up by 6pm.
  • Uniform: The attire is the Summer Uniform—blue khaki shorts, white polo with logo and tennis shoes.

Matthews Alive! Parade

Saturday August 30

  • Arrival Time:    Approximate arrival time for warm up is 8:45.   Students should gather at the Saviour Restaurant-located  at 1031 Matthews-Mint  Hill Road, Matthews.
  • Instruments:   Larger instruments will be transported in the band truck.  If your student is bringing his/her own instrument, cases should be left in your car.
  • Parade:  The parade starts at 10 AM and will make its way through Matthews and end on South Trade Street in the parking lot of Matthews United Methodist Church. Students will be dismissed from the church parking lot.  You may meet your student there or another location you arrange.   All students are responsible for their own transportation home, so if you can't be there, please make any necessary arrangements.   
  • Uniform:  The uniform for this event is again the Summer Uniform (navy blue khaki shorts,  band polo shirt (tucked in) and tennis shoes).
  • Chaperones:   Meet band at Saviour Restaurant.  Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Maps:  Maps to the warm-up location are located on the blue shelf in the band room.  These maps will not be distributed so make sure to request your child pick one up.

Harris Teeter VIC Link

Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy It's time to re-link your Harris Teeter VIC card to the East Mecklenburg High School Band. 
Our VIC number is 5801.
Click on the Harris Teeter logo to begin! 

Anyone who shops at any Harris Teeter, anywhere, can link their card and provide support for our band. Last year we received $8,000, so keep up the good work!