East Mecklenburg High School Band Contacts
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Name Role Phone Email
Christopher Moreau Band Director 980-343-6430 christopher.moreau@cms.k12.nc.us
Lesli Clowes Color Guard Director
Christine Opela President 704-847-8860 cdopela@yahoo.com
H Kevin Opela President hkevinopela@gmail.com
Paz Cunning Vice President 704-443-5464 pcunning@carolina.rr.com
Deb Sue Griffin Vice President wowncsc@yahoo.com
Chandra Ely Senior Director chaddy99@aol.com
Aric Beals Junior Director 704-641-3152 aricb@carolina.rr.com
Jen Phillippi Junior Director 704-249-5188 jenphillippi@gmail.com
Kathleen Koch Sophomore Director kkoch@collegeboard.org
Kimberly VonCannon Sophomore Director ksvoncannon@carolina.rr.com
Anne Bowen Freshman Director 704-617-0190 aelbowen@gmail.com
Stephanie Wicks Freshman Director stephkayec@gmail.com
Mary Ellen Fleming Secretary MEFleming05@gmail.com
Gwen Capers-Singleton Treasurer 704-777-8688 gwencs@aol.com
kenneth fleming Fruit Sale Chair ken867@yahoo.com
Nisa Kalambaheti Fruit Sale Chair nisanarie@yahoo.com
Jenna Kirwan Fruit Sale Chair jennakirwan@gmail.com
Karin Robinson Fruit Sale Chair karin.robinson2@gmail.com
Gail Shelton Fruit Sale Chair 704-906-9409 gailshel2@gmail.com
Kathie Bokhoven Webmaster 704-607-9260 kabokhoven@gmail.com
Scott Bokhoven2 Webmaster 704-364-7098 cscottbokhoven@carolina.rr.com
Sharon Reese Color Guard Representative shariebal@gmail.com

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